Frequently asked ACC questions

How much does John Miller Law charge in fees?

We are a law firm with a proven record of success for very modest fees. The first thing to do is fill in our Application Pack's questionnaire and authority to act. This allows us to gather material and information about your case. We will then advise what your options are in pursuing your ACC dispute and how much it is likely to cost you. We offer flexible ways of funding your case and we can advise if Legal Aid is available to you.

Should I send you all my paperwork now?

Yes and No. A lot of information is in the ACC files that we will be requesting. However, it is important to enclose any recent ACC decision should you wish to take immediate legal action.

How do I start my ACC challenge?

John Miller Law can protect your legal rights and help you lodge the correct forms within the deadlines, represent and speak on your behalf at the Tribunal or in Court and advise you on your likelihood of a successful appeal. Our in-depth knowledge of ACC law and procedures will give you the best chance of success.

Please download and send your completed Application Pack to