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If you have been injured in anyway, in New Zealand or overseas, JML can help ensure you are getting your full cover and compensation entitlements. We can review your ACC file, tell you your rights and represent you at a Tribunal review or a Court appeal. Although we are based in Wellington, we can help you wherever you live in New Zealand. When you are dealing with the Accident Compensation Corporation, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Because we know ACC law and procedures inside out, we can help you navigate the system and ensure you are getting your full compensatory entitlements. Our experts can help you with claims/disputes concerning your Lump Sum/Independence Allowance, Weekly Compensation, Cover, Vocational Independence, Surgery, Home Help, Attendant Care, Rehabilitation and many other entitlements. If you have received a recent decision from ACC that you wish to challenge, it is important that you get in touch with us as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. The first step is to Download our ACC Application Pack. Complete it, sign the Authority to Act (so that we can access your ACC file) and send the Application Pack back to us. A JML representative will then be in contact with you to properly advise you of the next steps in the progression of your ACC dispute.

Mental health representation

The prospect of a Compulsory Treatment Order (CTO) can be a frightening and disempowering experience. It is therefore imperative that you get sound and expert legal advice about your situation. If you become an in-patient under the Mental Health Act at Wellington, Porirua or Hutt Hospitals, we have an experienced team of mental health lawyers who will be able to advise you of your rights and represent you at a CTO Court hearing. Legal Aid will be made available for this which we can apply for on your behalf. The first step is to contact us at or to phone (04) 801 5621 to arrange one of our mental health lawyers to visit you at hospital to discuss your case.

Victims of crime compensation

If you have suffered a personal injury which is the result of a criminal offence, ACC will assess your injury for cover and compensatory entitlements under the Accident Compensation Act 2001. However, not all personal injury entitlements are completely covered by ACC. For example, ACC will only pay 80% of lost income. This leaves 20% unaccounted for. There are also ongoing treatment costs which may not be covered by ACC. Such payments can be made available through the Courts in the form of reparation. Calculating reparation may consider things like lost income, lost ability to save for retirement, and the lost potential of earnings of people who showed promise and were likely to be promoted and earn more. Please contact us to discuss whether reparation over and above your ACC entitlements may be applicable to your accident/injury as a result of a criminal offence.

Workplace injury – Additional compensation

In most cases, workplace injuries will be covered by ACC. However, in some cases additional compensation may be available if the employer breached Workplace Health and Safety legislation. Please contact us if you are injured at your workplace in a way that compromised your health and safety as an employee.

Making a claim under the Prisoners’ and Victims’ Act 2005

If you are a victim of crime, and the offender has been awarded money for wrongs that occurred in the corrections or criminal justice system, then you may be entitled to make a claim to the Victims’ Special Claims Tribunal. You may have received a notice from the tribunal informing you that this situation has occurred. We can assist you to make a compensation claim to the tribunal. A capped legal aid grant is available to all eligible claimants regardless of their financial situation. If you have received or believe you should have received a notice from the Victims’ Claims Tribunal please contact us to discuss your claim.

Asbestos Compensation – Mesothelioma

We have successfully represented many claimants and their families both in the pursuit of lump sum compensation and ex-gratia payments for their asbestos related injuries. Even in death, and on behalf of the claimant’s estate, compensation can still be sought. If ACC have declined an asbestos related claim for cover or compensation, contact us immediately. Additionally, if you or a family member have ever worked for James Hardie Industries in New Zealand and have contracted an asbestos related injury, please do not hesitate to make an enquiry to

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